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code promotion ludibay

Dash from Peterson Games. With the way the geometry overlaps at the axis parts, it is pretty difficult to remove the caps without taking the puzzle apart, and it is difficult to take the puzzle apart, at least for the first edge. I don't have a postage scale so I don't have a precise weight for the puzzles, but the production version is lighter than the cast version, as expected. I got mine from Mefferts but you can find them at several vendors. A 1x2x3 by Scott Bedard : A vintage 1932 sliding piece puzzle, "The Presidential Puzzle" (Hoover. Meffert's Pyraminx Crystal First patented in 1987 by Uwe Meffert: DE8707783 (U1). I found another dissected die - it seems fairly old - it comes in a purple box and has nine red pieces with white pips: I am unsure of the provenance - there are no markings on the box or pieces.

ShengShou Circle Ball Cube Dian Sheng Hexagonal Dipyramid Dian Sheng Tank Diamond Pepsi edgematching puzzle (Spanish) Hanayama H H - designed by Oskar van Deventer Thanks, Brett! I got the easy level right away, but I am still working on the next two! This six-piece puzzle is a 3-D printed adaptation by George Bell, of Stewart Coffin's Peanut design (see the original in wood at PuzzleWorld, and at Scott. Pantazis Houlis posted a video showing his Think-a-Dot in action.

code promotion ludibay

A JCC tanglement "S270" from the recent Baxter Ergatoudis auction. The hand-crafted version had been for sale at 320. Mark also made me a Ring of Diamonds (STC #13-B) in walnut - and as you can see, I am still trying to put it back together. Form a 3x3x3 cube from 9 pieces having protrusions and hollows. Two new offerings available at Bits Pieces, both designed by Doug Engel - the Moebius and the Trinity Infinity : Josh Jordan was kind enough to send me a copy of the Calibron 12-Block Puzzle remake produced by Pavel Curtis. Via the Renegadepuzzlers forum, I learned about five new inexpensive wooden puzzles produced under the label "Confusion Contemporary Puzzles" by The Lagoon Group. October 2008 An Isis Puzzle by Sonicwarp, Titanium and Silver Edition (from the old Sharper Image stock Cheater? I purchased mnine at Mind Games in the. Dave Janelle of Creative Crafthouse sent me a nice selection of the great puzzles they stock: The Ramube Octahedron designed by Ramu Kaminoff in 2008 and exclusive to Creative Crafthouse. Adam Cowan was kind enough to loan me and ask me to review one of the first samples of his new production Helicopter Cube. There should be at least 21 pips, but there are only code promo star bikers 20 - so evidently one is missing. Both have unusual opening tricks - not difficult, but distinct from the typical Kumiki-style animals.

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