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bust. Turn the Minotaur from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic travels with the other monsters to steal a treasure from a Sphinx. What makes it all that more interesting is that she is one of the lead main characters. What's weirder is that in one line (cut in the American version) she mentions the idea of getting her boobs done, implying that they're real as-is. The sequel adds Neige Hausen, presumably so they don't have to gang up on Kaguya all the time. To do this, she herself gets gargantuan breasts and reports on her experience for a year. The Golden Girls : The ladies are all auditioning for a play.

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Note the irony: Sypha' true gender was hidden in her first appearance and only revealed in her ending. Yana receives some rather large assets. In the Blackadder Season 2 episode "Beer the wearing of comedy breasts was encouraged as part of a drinking party hosted by the titular character. As with comedic stories involving genies, Hilarity Ensues and sometimes someone would become temporarily even bigger busted than normal. Alice has these in Superjail!, although a point is made about them not being natural These are just for show. This is a real problem! Whateley Universe : the character Attributes is exactly this. Jessica from Dragon Quest viii. Warn the townsfolk downstream! One Piece used boobs for humour in chapter 663: when Sanji's body-swapped in Nami's body he introduces "herself" by removing the coat, pushing both her breasts up with her hands and shouting "WE ARE nami saaaan!" at the top of her lungs.

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