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Code reduc pharma animal

code reduc pharma animal

This view of physiological health might be useful for thinking about the sorts of conditions for a 'healthy' education system. In the three steps that follow I will explain:. (E.g., heart beats, classical music, etc.) * The Fractal heartbeat: o Healthy heart rate fluctuates in a manner consistent with fractal processs. Military personnel who par-ticipated in the Persian Gulf War experi-enced an enormous mctabolic wave ofenergy expenditure from the combination of emotional and physical stress, lack ofsleep, high ambient temperatures, eir immune systems became highlyaroused in preparation for action over anextended period of time. Every shaman who ever lived taught that you gain inertia when you feel compassion. It is the complexity of the human spirit, which is physiological. How does a system behave after such a pathologic transformation?

The first mystery, which comes from the field of cardiology, is: Why does a decrease in heart rate variability(HRV)emerge as a single common risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases at all ages? 1) typically reveals a complicated variability. It's provocative to look at life through the lens of waves, cycles rhythms or lack of them-according to Dardik everything is waves. This can be stimulated by gently caressing it with the finger, tongue, or tip of the penis. Then - compare to: from(as"d more below healthy Chaos: from:The Body of Education :What might a 'healthy' education system look like?,. Scientific American, 262(2 42-49. The Shumann earth system. Heart sick: why are the hearts of top riders failing and what does it mean for you?

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Return here- to the iPhone HRV (Heart Rate Variability- easily measured on iPhone!) Empathy Breath Biofeedback app: m return here to main index: fo, update here- Nov 2016: fo/holarchy - Embed-ability / Fractality / Nesting Perfected - as the electrical mechanism. After all, Dorko and others imply that non-linear, non-deterministic, fractal output is of necessity produced by fractal or non-linear structures. Figure 4 Fractal self-similarity occurs in the small intestine right down to the microscopic level. June 15,04 - url with graphics: fo/holarchy, main index: fo, To be added or removed from this list, email with add or remove. This new understanding of wave behavior explains how the seemingly complex, disparate information of the body's behaviors, molecular biology, and genes is organized into a single coherent picture. This states that physiological systems normally operate to reduce variability and to maintain a constancy of internal function. O It gives the capability to cope in an unpredictable environment. Dardik (formerly Olympic Medical Committee) (his paper exerpted below) then goes on to coin the most used and exciting terms to describe this phenomena like - super-looping, and nesting - which become buzzwords for every kind of spiritual discussion. Expressed another way, successive systolic/diastolic waves of energy expenditure and energy recovery accelerate up and decelerate down within the body's exercise/recovery waves of energy expenditure and energy recovery. Sudden death, therefore, may be viewed as a bifurcation out of, not into, chaos. In practical deals groupon lille terms this means we can tweak any chaotic oscillator (like a heart or brain or a power distribution grid or a planet climate) toward self organization by simply nudging a critical few of it's key wavelengths toward PHI (Golden Mean) embedability.